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The Main Challenges Facing the Texas Streets Coalition

By Texas Personal Injury Lawyer on July 15, 2023

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The Texas Streets Coalition is made up of more than 25 nonprofit and community groups from across the state. The organization is dedicated to improving the conditions and safety of roadways in Texas.

As it strives to make significant changes, the coalition faces challenges that hinder its progress. We want to discuss the main obstacles faced by the Texas Streets Coalition and the importance of addressing these challenges to create safer streets for all Texans.

Insufficient Funding for Infrastructure Improvements

One of the main challenges the Texas Streets Coalition is facing is insufficient funding for infrastructure improvements. Adequate funding is essential to address issues such as:

  • Road maintenance
  • Repairing potholes
  • Upgrading traffic signals
  • Implementing safer pedestrian and cycling infrastructure

Without sufficient funding, the organization is unable to make necessary changes that enhance road safety and accommodate the needs of all road users.

Resistance to Policy Changes

Implementing effective policy changes is a large hurdle faced by the coalition. It has experienced resistance from government agencies, policymakers, or influential stakeholders that hesitate to adopt new regulations or strategies.

Overcoming resistance and garnering support for policy changes that prioritize road safety and multimodal transportation requires advocacy, collaboration with various stakeholders, and persistence.

Changing Driver Behavior

Most traffic crashes are caused by driver error. Changing driver behavior is a significant challenge in promoting Texas road safety. Despite concerted efforts to raise awareness about responsible driving practices, unsafe behavior, such as speeding, distracted driving, and reckless driving, continues to occur on state roads.

The Texas Streets Coalition must work to create a culture of safe driving through enforcement efforts, education campaigns, and initiatives that promote responsible behavior behind the wheel.

Balancing the Needs of All Road Users

Pedestrians, cyclists, and public transportation have rights on the road, just like motorists. Creating safer streets involves considering the needs of all road users.

Achieving a balance between different modes of transportation can be challenging. It requires careful planning, infrastructure investments, and community engagement to ensure the needs of all road users are considered and integrated into transportation design and planning.

Addressing Inequities and Disparities:

The Texas Streets Coalition faces the critical challenge of addressing inequities and disparities in road safety. Vulnerable communities that lack adequate infrastructure to support safe mobility may experience a disproportionate number of traffic accidents. These include low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. The coalition must actively work to identify and address these disparities to ensure that road safety improvements reach all communities equitably.

Improving the Safety of Roads in Texas for All

The Texas Streets Coalition plays a vital role in advocating for safer roadways and improving the transportation landscape in Texas. It faces several challenges in its mission to create safer streets for all.

The coalition can make significant progress in its efforts by addressing insufficient funding for infrastructure improvements, overcoming resistance to policy changes, changing driver behavior, balancing the needs of all road users, and addressing inequities.

Collaboration, advocacy, and community involvement are essential in tackling these challenges and working toward a safer and more inclusive Texas transportation system.

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