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What Should I Do if I Get Involved in a Car Crash?

By Texas Personal Injury Lawyer on June 27, 2022

Car Accident Damage

A car crash can be very traumatizing for all those involved. Whether it is a “fender-bender” or a catastrophic collision, you have a potential personal injury case and you must immediately begin to protect your potential case and its potential value to help you recover from any and all personal injury damages that you have suffered. If you are fortunate to still be conscious after impact, you need to follow the four steps below:

  1. Call the police: Police officers that respond to a crash scene are trained to investigate the crash and gather driver information and insurance information. A police officer’s findings, especially findings in your favor, greatly strengthen your case.
  2. Take photos and video: Smart phones provide a powerful tool to car crash victims. Photos and video of the accident scene and property damage do a better job than most pieces of evidence in depicting the chaos and violence of a crash, and can often help greatly increase the value of your Houston personal injury case.
  3. See a doctor.Whether it’s a primary care physician or it’s an ambulance ride to the hospital emergency room, never wait more than a week to see a doctor after a crash. Doctors record your injuries in the medical records that lawyers need to help prove up your injuries. The more time you waste in seeing a doctor, the harder it becomes for insurance company to believe you were hurt in the crash.
  4. Call a Houston car accident lawyer. Contact a personal injury law firm like DK Law as soon as possible after a crash. DK Law can begin handling the insurance companies and protecting the value of your case.

Insurance companies will always find any reason to not compensate you for all the damages you suffered as a result of a car crash. But if you follow the four steps above, you will have helped your Houston auto accident attorney tremendously in making your case strong.

If you have any questions about a car crash you or someone you know was involved in, call 281-402-8856 or Contact DK Law now. We can help.

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