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Legal Representation After a Road Rash Injury Houston, Texas

Houston is located in the center of Texas and is an active city known for its cultural and historical significance and motorcycle enthusiasts. Motorcyclists are much more likely to suffer severe injuries in accidents, including road rash. As an experienced Houston personal injury lawyer, Mr. Khosravian of DK Law understands the unique challenges riders face in these cases, and he’s here to help navigate the aftermath and pursue fair compensation. Call our firm at (281) 402-8856 today for a free case consultation regarding a motorcycle or bicycle accident.

What Is Road Rash?

A road rash is a wound resulting from a rider being thrown from the bike, contacting the road surface, and sliding on it. Road rash injuries can range from minor skin abrasions to more severe injuries that rip away skin and muscle, exposing the bone.

Despite the use of protective clothing, these garments rarely provide substantial protection against road rash during an accident—as a rider’s arms, legs, face, or body is often scraped on the rough asphalt when struck and thrown from a bike.

Three Degrees of Road Rash

There are three degrees of road rash:

  • First-degree – Involves minor scrapes, cuts, and skin reddening, generally treatable at home with proper care.
  • Second-degree – Breaks the skin but not the underlying tissue, leading to redness, bleeding, and pain. These injuries require medical attention but often heal without permanent scars.
  • Third-degree – The most severe rash form, resulting in near-complete loss of skin, exposure of underlying fat, muscle, or even cartilage, and potential muscle detachment from bone. Such injuries necessitate surgical intervention, carry a high risk of infection, and may lead to permanent disability or disfigurement despite multiple skin grafts.

Treatment, Healing, and Long-Term Effects of Road Rash

While many cases of road rash could be minor and require minimal medical intervention, there are still plenty of cases – especially third-degree road rash – where drastic and long-term effects can impact a victim physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

Undergoing multiple skin grafts not only results in significant medical expenses—it also typically leaves victims with visible scars requiring extensive medical care. These scars are more than an aesthetic issue, as permanent scars can profoundly affect self-esteem and overall mental health. The severity of road rash injuries can also extend beyond surface wounds, potentially resulting in chronic pain or permanent disabilities.

These long-term challenges emphasize the devastating impact of severe road rash on an individual’s life, affecting their ability to perform daily activities and enjoy the quality of life they once knew.

Compensation in Cases of Houston Road Rash

Victims of motorcycle accidents involving road rash and degloving may be entitled to compensation, including:

  • Cost of medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

Such financial support is crucial for victims facing a long recovery and the possibility of a permanent impact on their quality of life.

Why Choose Houston’s DK Law?

A skilled Houston road rash injury attorney from DK Law offers professional legal assistance by:

  • Evaluating the extent of the injuries and other losses to determine what damages should be pursued.
  • Establishing the other driver's negligence, should an insurance company challenge the claim.
  • Representing your interests when negotiating with an insurance company or presenting your case in court to seek fair and total compensation.

Proving negligence requires demonstrating that the other party failed to exercise reasonable care, directly leading to your accident and the road rash injuries you sustained. With extensive experience in personal injury law, Mr. Khosravian brings top-tier legal skills to these challenges and can vigorously pursue the most favorable outcome for you.

If you have suffered from road rash in a motorcycle accident in Houston, you may be entitled to compensation to cover your losses, personal, emotional, and financial. Contact DK Law at (281) 402-8856 today to explore your options with our attorneys.

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