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Injured in a Jackknife Accident in Houston?

Truck accidents can involve a variety of circumstances and can lead to disastrous consequences. Particularly, jackknife accidents can potentially cause severe injuries to other motorists. Many jackknife accidents can result from negligent driving. Thus, someone who sustained injuries in a jackknife accident may be legally entitled to recover compensation for their injuries.

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What Is a Jackknife Accident?

A jackknife accident refers to a situation where a tractor-trailer—such as a semi-truck—loses control, resulting in the truck’s cab and trailer facing different directions. The angle of the tractor-trailer resembles the shape of a partially opened jackknife.

Generally, a jackknife situation results from conditions that cause the trailer of a truck to lose traction on the road. As the cab of the truck continues to move forward, the trailer can unpredictably swing out to the side. Additionally, a truck will jackknife if the cab brakes too abruptly and the momentum of the trailer continues forward, forcing it to swing out to the side.

Causes of Jackknife Accidents

Several conditions and scenarios can result in a truck jackknifing on the road, including:

  • Poor road conditions: Conditions that reduce the traction of roads, such as wet road surfaces.
  • Braking issues: Applying the brakes too hard or abruptly causing the truck’s wheels to lock up.
  • Overloading: A truck with a load that exceeds its recommended limit, increasing the risk of losing control.
  • Steering issues: Sharp turns or other abrupt steering maneuvers that are beyond the trailer’s ability to maintain stability.
  • Malfunction: Defective or improperly maintained equipment, leading to a trailer swaying uncontrollably.

Where Do Jackknife Accidents Occur?

Jackknife accidents can occur virtually anywhere. However, the risk of a truck jackknifing is particularly concerning in the following situations:

  • Slippery roads: Rain, snow, ice, or oil spills can decrease road traction and increase the likelihood of a trailer losing control.
  • Downhill grades: A descending steep downhill grade can impart too much momentum than a truck can handle when braking.
  • Sharp turns: Tight turns or curving roads can cause a high-speed truck to jackknife.
  • Debris fields: Roads with debris strewn along it can force a truck driver to swerve to avoid them, causing the trailer to lose control.

What Injuries May Result from Jackknife Accidents?

Due to the sheer size and weight of a tractor-trailer truck, jackknife accidents can lead to injuries ranging from relatively minor to potentially catastrophic. Jackknife accidents pose a risk of sustaining injuries like:

  • Traumatic brain injury: Jackknife accidents can cause violent crashes, causing brain injuries that lead to cognitive impairment, reduced motor skills and functions, as well as chronic pain.
  • Whiplash and spinal cord injuries: A crash stemming from a jackknife accident can cause a person’s head to violently whip back and forth due to sudden deceleration. Major crashes can also lead to direct injury to someone’s spinal cord, causing long-lasting numbness, tingling, pain, or even paralysis.
  • Bone fractures and lacerations: A collision caused by a jackknifing truck can cause bruises, cuts, and broken bones.
  • Internal injuries: A forceful jackknife accident can cause traumatic injuries to a person’s internal organs and tissues, leading to often painful and potentially life-threatening conditions.

Houston Jackknife Accident Attorney at DK Law is Here to Help

If you have sustained serious injuries in a jackknife accident, DK Law is here to provide the trusted legal support you need. You can rely on us to protect your legal rights and interests and handle responsibilities like gathering evidence, appearing at legal proceedings, and negotiating with other parties on your behalf.

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